Resurfacing a private asphalt street in Ladue, Missouri

Today we installed a 2" overlay on a subdivision road in ladue called dogwood lane. We did such a nice job, the association member in charge thought we deserved some cookies. The cookies were great. The road turned out very well too. If your asphalt road needs help, give us a call at 314-427-3303

Saturday patching of a commercial parking lot

We excavated a section of defective asphalt at this storage facility. We removed material to a depth of 4 inches deep.Next we rolled the existing base rock for proper compaction.Then we installed the first of two layers of commercial asphalt. This layer is x-mix asphalt placed at 3 inches compacted.Then we placed a final 1 inch layer of hot commercial asphalt.If your parking lot needs any type of repair please call us at 314-427-3303

Need asphalt repair? Potholes?

We fix potholes cheap and fast! Prices start at $150.00 for hot asphalt repairs. We can typically do most repairs within 48 hours too!Click or call today! Take a photo with your smart phone. You can txt us a photo and we will return a price to you within minutes!

Call 314-427-3303

Hydrostatic pressure problems in pavement.

This is how hydrostatic pressure causes problems in parking lots. Below, you will notice water seeping from cracks from this asphalt parking lot. This is caused usually from underground water sources. Sometimes these cracks will see water for days or weeks on end. There are even cracks that never stopped leaking water when a sever hydrostatic pressure problem exists.

Hydrostatic pressure can cause extended damage to asphalt pavement. To rectify the situation French drains must be installed and routed to either storm drains or daylight to ground that is lower in order to relieve the pressure underneath the pavement.

If you have drainage issues or hydrostatic problems, please give us a phone call at 314-427-3303