Looking for the cheapest price on your driveway?

Consumers often times confused less-expensive pricing with higher value.  Rarely is this ever the case when it comes to selecting an asphalt paving contractor. You may think you are saving lots of money, but in reality you are probably just wasting lots of money.

Take a look at this driveway that was recently paved by a very cheap paving contractor.

This is a driveway that is less than a year old, but yet it looks much worse than the driveway that is 20 years old. The homeowner elected to go with the cheapest contractor they could find.  In retrospect they will spend more money now to replace the driveway and start all over again, than what it would have cost if they had just went with a little bit more expensive, higher-quality paving contractor such as Creve Coeur Paving.

Buyer beware. Don't let this happen to you. Make the right choice and spend the extra money on making a really nice asphalt driveway.