Creve Coeur Paving offers a large variety of asphalt curb shapes and sizes

Whether you are repairing an existing asphalt curb or installing all new curbs we have the shape and size mold you desire.  Anything from a 4" tall slanted curb to a gigantic 10" tall square curb, we've got you covered.

We install new curbs as low as $5.00 per lineal foot.  We can remove and replace curbs for as little as $9.00 per lineal foot.  We also do FAST spot curb repairs for around $15.00 per lineal foot.

We have multiple curb machines to make sure we serve all of our customers fast and efficiently.

Attention to detail ensuring straightness and consistency is always a top priority!

Here are some our most popular shapes and sizes for residential and commercial asphalt curbing.

We are St. Louis' number one asphalt contractor for installing curbs.  Give us a click or call today (314)427-3303

For more, check out our videos on asphalt curbing