Creve Coeur Paving aids real estate investment firm in saving money

Dealpoint Merrill, an investment firm is revitalizing on old St. Charles Missouri commercial property.  Long time residents know the property as the old K-Mart or currently known as Chuck E. Cheese.  Chuck E. Cheese remains as a tenant in a portion of the building while the old K-Mart is being turned into an indoor storage center. CubeSmart will open this summer to provide area residents an alternative to indoor storage. 

Dealpoint Merrill hired the St. Louis area paving firm to pave the entire property while also installing green space islands.  Originally the islands were to be constructed of slip form concrete curb and gutter.  In order to save money and time Creve Coeur Paving recommended installing asphalt curbed islands in lieu of the concrete islands.  Asphalt curbs could be installed after the parking lot was paved. - That would help get parking lot resurfacing completed faster because the paver wouldn't have to navigate around islands while installing the new asphalt surface.  Asphalt curbing is also easier and quicker to install than concrete curb and gutter.

Dick Mason, the director of construction for Dealpoint Merrill told Richard Dinkela, the operations manager for Creve Coeur Paving that going with asphalt saved Dealpoint thousands of dollars.  It's also getting the paving work completed faster making it possible for CubeSmart to open quicker.


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