Asphalt Teamwork training on: Vibratory plate compactor / Wacker Neuson wp1550

Do you have a laborer or operator that needs to be trained in the fundamentals of operating a plate compactor?

I have created an informational and educational how to video specifically targeting asphalt paving crews that utilize a wacker or vibratory plate compactor in their operations.  Proper use of a plate compactor will yield optimal results for your paving crew.  A good operator can increase the efficiency of any paving operation.  The use of the plate compactor should be treated as significant, integral part of the paving process.

In this beginners' video you can expect your crew to learn the following:

  1. Learn pre-checks and precautions
  2. Learn how to maneuver compactor and how to maneuver your feet while operating the compactor.
  3. Learn the importance of operating compactor with the handlebar at a 90 degree angle (straight up and down)
  4. Learn how to "pinch" seams or joints of two mats or in confined areas.
  5. Learn how to create the important "landing strip" behind the screed of the paver.
  6. Learn how to compact an edge properly without blowing it out.
  7. Learn about the importance of coverage area and overlap.

The video is below on YouTube.  Please direct questions or comments in the YouTube Channel or at

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